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Facilitator: Pavel Stoyanov, PhD
Expert: Prof. Velizara Pencheva, PhD


Challenge owner: Kremena Mineva, Head of the Transport Department of Ruse Municipality



  1. Stimulating the use of active mobility through gradual construction of ecological and safe infrastructure in integrated urban and transport planning (with priority active mobility):
    • development of complex cycling and walking concepts;
    • limiting the space of cars;
    • creation of a complete bicycle network;
    • removal of obstacles to the pedestrians;
    • improving the safety conditions for pedestrians and cyclists;
    • priority admission of cyclists and pedestrians;
  2. Restricting the movement of polluting vehicles by introducing low-emission zones and imposing other "consumer pays"-principle restrictions;
  3. Development of low-emission and affordable mass urban passenger transport, offering high quality transport service;
  4. Improving the organization and management of road traffic in the city with priority admission of pedestrians and cyclists;
  5. Using the forms such as shared travel by bicycle and car;
  6. Optimization in urban logistics: development of a plan for sustainable urban logistics;
  7. Parking management: parking prices; regulation; ensuring compliance with parking rules; balance of parking proposals;
  8. Following the innovations in the international practice in formulation of the mobility and security policy;
  9. Organizing information campaigns related to promoting active mobility and restricting the use of cars;
  10. Applying a comprehensive approach to decisions, including other development plans of the city of Ruse.

Facilitator: Boril Ivanov, PhD
Expert: Mihail Milchev, PhD

Challenge 1 - Barraging Lower Danube (construction of hydropower plants) in the Bulgarian-Romanian part of the Danube

Challenge 2 - Modernization of the river fleet under the Bulgarian flag

Challenge owner: Capt. Ivan Zhekov, Director River Supervision Directorate - Ruse, Executive Agency Maritime Administration

Challenge 1: Building a system of barrages to improve navigability on the river, obtaining green energy, improving connectivity between Bulgaria and Romania and irrigation of land in the region.
Challenge 2: . Establishing a national policy to encourage shipowners to modernize and renovate the fleet and establishing a bank and other guarantees programme for fleet modernization and renovation.

Facilitator: Svilen Kostadinov, PhD
Expert: : Assoc. Prof. d-r Dimitar Grozev, PhD

Challenge - Lack of transport connectivity of Northern Bulgaria, including Ruse

Challenge owner: Eng. Rumen Markov, Large Infrastructure Projects


  1. Design and construction of a high-speed railway transport line Sofia-Varna with a connection to Ruse (projected speed 160 - 250 km / h) and connection with Bucharest;
  2. Creating conditions for effective provision of freight transport mode change;
  3. 3. Creating conditions for use the potential of the Danube River as part of a multimodal / intermodal section;

Solution 1 will lead to high speed of passenger movement, travel time from Ruse to Sofia of approximately 2:30 hours and the provision of a cross-border rail connection with Bucharest with a high-speed line;

Solution 2 will increase trade speed in multimodal / intermodal transport;

Solution 3 will lead to the intensity of shipping traffic on the Danube.

Facilitators: Toncho Balbuzanov , PhD
Expert : Assoc. Prof. Asen Asenov, PhD

Challenge 1 - Design of a new depot of Municipal Transport Ruse EAD, which will include production and use of green hydrogen

Challenge owner: Mr. Alexander Georgiev, Executive Director, Municipal Transport Ruse, JSC

Prototype (solution):
Establishment of Integrated Transport Mobility in the city of Ruse with participants: Municipal Transport Ruse, Municipality of Ruse, University of Ruse, NGOs and public relations companies. Ensuring the movement of people in the city

  1. Creating a work team.
  2. Identification of model regarding means of transport, transport scheme and depot;
  3. Expert opinion and depo design;
  4. Public discussion of the idea
  5. Proposing a decision and conducting a competition;
  6. Roads for implementation and financing;
  7. Finding a system for external and investor control, by working in separate stages;
  8. Indicator audit during a certain period, after the implementation of each stage and the overall project..

Challenge 2 - Uncertainty regarding EU regulations regarding first and second generation biodiesel in road transport. This leads to high risk and uncertainty for investors, higher prices of biodiesel and a sharp deviation from the postulates set out in the Green Deal

Challenge owner: Mr. Dimitar Minchev, Executive Director, Astra Bioplant, Bulmarket Group

Prototype (Solution):

Implementation through partnership between the Municipality of Ruse, University of Ruse, associated transport faculties and universities in Europe, legal organizations, European Biodiesel Board, NGOs and community representatives. Creating an EU-level regulatory document forecasting the need for first- and second-generation biodiesel in land transport and reducing risk.

Participants: Astra Bioplant, Ruse Municipality, University of Ruse, associated transport faculties and universities in Europe, legal organizations, European Biodiesel Board, NGOs and community representatives.

Ensuring long-term predictability of the need for and production of biodiesel at a competitive price, which as a regulated additive to reduce the final cost of fuel fuels.

  1. Creation of a team for work between lawyers and transport specialists from the two faculties of Ruse University with the participation of representatives from the company;
  2. Identification of problems in the legislation;
  3. Scientific expert opinion on the advantages, facts and prospects around biodiesel. On the basis of scientific expertise, a proposal for concretization of the directives is drafted;
  4. Discussions of the proposal with experts from other European universities and research centres in order to create broad support at European level in order to normalize the conditions for the future of biofuels.;
  5. Presenting arguments and the factual conditions before the necessary legislative and regulatory parties in the European institutions;
  6. Implementation of the changes related to ensuring predictability, transparency, clear regulations and postulates of the EC regarding the transition to alternative fuels in biodiesel;
  7. Indicator audit in certain period on the basis of quantitative and qualitative measurements of the positive impact of biodiesel on nature.;

Facilitator: Mihail Milchev, PhD
Expert: Assoc. Prof. Daniel Lubenov, PhD

Challenge: - Lack of sufficient material and technical base for practical training of students in traffic safety

Challenge owner: Mrs. Rossitsa Georgieva, Head of the Regional Educational Administration – Ruse

Set up of a city center for Establishment of a city center for practical training of children from kindergartens and school students in Traffic Safety with a modern material and technical base.

Facilitator: Pavel Stoyanov, PhD
Expert: Assoc. Prof. d-r Ivan Beloev, PhD

Challenge - Advanced Transport Infrastructure Monitoring in Ruse; City of Ruse transition to intelligent mobility, ecologically and socially sustainable. Solutions for telemetry and critical infrastructure monitoring

Challenge owner: Mr. Deyan Partinov Advanced Systems Ltd


  1. Expanding intelligent forecasting and planning for the needs of crisis situations in the urban transport system, upgrading the data collection system by adding monitoring components such as:
    • forecasting the intensity of traffic;
    • constructive changes in the road infrastructure and facilities;
    • air temperature and road infrastructure;
    • natural disasters;
    • the level of reservoirs (water objects);
  2. Creating an integrated information system with levels of access of the institutions, including alarms when critical levels are reached. This will lead to intelligent planning and forecasting of events and processes in order to avoid damage caused by natural disasters and traffic accidents.

Facilitator: Toncho Balbuzanov, PhD
Expert: Assoc. Prof. Asen Asenov, PhD

Challenge - Creating models of partnership between the Municipality of Ruse, University of Ruse, employers' organizations, NGOs and members of society to identify challenges, their research, evaluation and creation of quality project proposals related to decarbonisation in transport and subsequent implementation

Challenge owner: гMr. Ivaylo Kadishev - Municipality of Ruse

Prototype (solution)
Establishment of an open joint research laboratory for innovation in transport between: Municipality of Ruse, University of Ruse, NGOs and public relations companies.

  1. Creation of a model for implementation of a joint laboratory and implementation of the laboratory.
  2. Implementation of projects
    • Creating a scheme for the implementation of the laboratory.
    • Identification of the concept for the laboratory
    • Expert opinion
    • Public opinion poll
    • Proposing a solution
    • Ways for realization
    • Conducting competitions for project proposal and separately for executor of the approved proposal
    • Finding a system for external and investor control, by working in separate stages
    • Indicator audit during a certain period, after the implementation of each stage and the overall project

Expert: Assoc. Prof. Dimitar Grozev, PhD

Challenge - Facilitating the passage through the Ruse Danube Bridge border checkpoint, implementation of measures to reduce transport delays and removal of convoys of waiting trucks on Main road I - 5 Ruse - Veliko Tarnovo and Main road II - 21 Ruse – Silistra

Challenge owner : Eng. Dimitar Nedev, Deputy Mayor of Ruse Municipality

Process of research and modeling of two models: 1) queuing and 2) operation of transport units

  1. Creating a model, based on the theory of queues (describes the situation, service nodes, bottlenecks, vectors and their intensity, regulation - instructions for passing flows);
  2. Creating a model of operation of transport units (rail, road)
  3. Simulations of both models and analysis
  4. Development of a Strategy for distribution of traffic and consultations (including bilateral)
  5. Recommendations to the institutions for changes in the normative acts (fees, financing of the national road network in the urban sections)
  6. To expand the specification for the functioning of the toll system in order to optimize the permeability
  7. Infrastructure solutions - bridges, new ferry connections, bypass road of Ruse with road junctions for separation of transit flows, soundproofing facilities on Bulgaria Blvd., parking lots, infrastructure improvement).