Organizing committee

  1. Mr. Pencho Milkov, Mayor of Ruse
  2. Prof. DTSc. Hristo Beloev, DHC mult. Academician of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Rector of the University of Ruse.
  3. Dipl. Eng. Dimitar Nedev – Vice-Mayor of Municipality of Ruse
  4. Mr. Encho Enchev - Vice-Mayor of Municipality of Ruse
  5. Prof. Velizara Pencheva, University of Ruse
  6. Assoc. Prof. Asen Asenov, University of Ruse
  7. Maria Tzankova, Association of Danube River Municipalities
  8. Mr. Ivaylo Kadishev – Municipality of Ruse
  9. Dipl. Eng. Kremena Mineva, Director of Transport Section, Municipality of Ruse
  10. Executive Director, Executive agency for exploration and maintenance of the Danube river;
  11. Director of “River Supervision – Ruse”, Maritime Administration;
  12. Director of Ruse branch, National Company "Railway Infrastructure";
  13. Mr. Alexandre Georgiev, Ruse Municipal Transport Company ;
  14. Stanko Stankov, Bulmarket DM Ltd;
  15. Mr. Anastas Kolev. Express Service OOD

Secretaries of the Organizational Committee: Prof. Pencheva, Dipl. Eng. Kremena Mineva and Maria Tzankova.